Booking Information

一、Check-In:Check-In: after 18:00 on weekdays; after 21:00 on Busy day (Fri, Sun); after 21:00 on holidays. Actual check-in time is subject to hotel reply.

二、Check-out:Before 12 o'clock the next day.

三、One room is limited to 2 persons (additional cleaning fee is required).

四、Pets are not currently available.

五、The motel also has its own private parking for guests to park their cars.

六、Holiday distinction: Weekdays (Monday to Thursday);Busy day (Fri, Sun);Holidays (Saturdays / national holidays on the eve / consecutive holidays and its eve / special holidays such as Valentine's Day ... and so on。

Room Service

一、Free WIFI (Please bring your own laptop)

二、Valet fax

三、Valet call the taxi

四、Newspapers (available at the counter)

Weekly accommodation 50% off、40% off on Friday (winter vacation, summer vacation)、30% off on Saturday holiday accommodation